The Group with our manufacturing base located in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia continues to focus on achieving optimal utilisation with the installed production capacity of 3.4 billion pieces of gloves per annum in our two existing manufacturing facilities.

The third manufacturing facility, which is strategically located within close proximity to our two manufacturing facilities, with the intended additional production capacity of 1.2 billion pieces of gloves per annum, is underway. This expansion will bring our total installed production capacity to 4.6 billion pieces of gloves per annum by end of June 2022. The close proximity of the new manufacturing facility to the existing manufacturing facilities motivates better cost efficiencies and further enhances the Group’s economies of scale.

At UG Healthcare, we remain committed to empathise with glove users on their requirements and applications for single-use gloves in their respective industries. We aim to create better comfort and achieve better protection for our glove users, who need to wear disposable gloves to perform duties and responsibilities in their respective professions.

Through market intelligence and feedback from the Group’s downstream distribution companies, who have direct interaction with glove users, the Group is constantly researching and innovating glove products to be used across a diverse range of industries requiring cross infection protection and high hygiene standards, catering to different applications and preferences.

We will continue to work towards narrowing the gap between the upstream manufacturing supply and downstream distribution market demand with further expansion beyond 4.6 billion pieces of gloves per annum in due course.

The Group is registered with the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, a not-for-profit membership organisation that leads work with buyers and suppliers to deliver improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains, and our manufacturing facilities are audited under SMETA.