At UG Healthcare, our sustainability focus is to make a positive difference and progress together with our prioritised stakeholders – customers, employees, business partners, and the communities where we operate. We believe our sustainability approach that embraces the EESG aspects including labour practices and societal responsibilities is a holistic approach of inclusivity, which forms the cornerstone of our organisation culture.

The Board and management through this sustainability approach cultivates sustainable values throughout the organisation and pass them on to our external stakeholders. We believe that managing the EESG impacts from within will manage the risks and opportunities present in our business, and correspondingly, generate stable and sustainable value for our stakeholders.

The Group has in place a Sustainability Committee (“SC”), comprising key management executives and supported by representatives from various departments, and chaired by the Chief Executive Officer. This SC reports to the Board during board meetings, where the Board will review and deliberate on the sustainability issues. The SC is responsible for reviewing the company’s sustainability performance, material topics, stakeholder concerns, setting of targets and goals for material topics, and establishing systems to collect, verify, monitor and report information required for this sustainability report. The SC meets at least once a year to discuss, propose, coordinate, and promote the Group’s sustainability practices.

The Board maintains oversight over the SC, reviews and considers sustainability issues and practices as part the formulation of our strategies and policies to better manage sustainability risks and opportunities while ensuring all EESG and climate-related matters significant to our business are addressed.

Please refer to the Sustainability Report in the Company’s latest annual report for more details.