The Group’s strategy has always been to cultivate demand for our proprietary ‘Unigloves’ range of disposable gloves through our downstream distribution companies. These strategically established distribution companies in both developed and developing countries have our local sales and marketing teams and distribution infrastructures (including local warehouses and logistics) as well as our direct customer base. The market demand for our ‘Unigloves’ range of products, in turn, drives the production volume in our upstream manufacturing facilities in Malaysia. This approach allows the Group to manage the value chain seamlessly and efficiently.

The Group will continue to drive marketing campaigns to further entrench our market presence for our proprietary ‘Unigloves’ brand of disposable gloves through our downstream distribution network. These campaigns focus on driving the marketing and sales of our established distribution companies in our key markets of Europe, United Kingdom, the USA, China, Africa, and South America, and will be supported by these distribution companies which operate their warehousing and logistics infrastructure.

We believe that our entrenched distribution infrastructure and network in both the developed and developing markets will continue to drive growth for the Group as we broaden our product portfolio.